In Focus: Lubes

Lubes, a not-so-slippery discussion

Store-bought lubes are generally water, silicone, or petroleum based. Some kitchen and household products, which have been traditionally used as lube, include Crisco and vegetable oils. Some lubes are thicker than others, some more slippery, but generally all work when trying to insert some object into some orifice. But there are some things that are important:

Petroleum-based lubes eat latex for lunch, but work fine on non-latex gloves, non-latex condoms and plastic wraps. If you’re using a latex condom for fucking or insertion, a water-based lube works great. Vaseline, mineral oil, baby oil and some commercially sold lubes are petroleum based. Read the label to be safer!

Silicon-based lubes can be used on all types of condoms, latex and polyurethane, and are especially great to coat the inside of that skintight latex police uniform. But you don’t want to use silicone lube with silicone insertables because it will break those toys down.

Crisco is popular for anal fisting because it’s thick enough so you can push it inside the rectum ahead of your fingers and fist. But Crisco is oil based and degrades latex, especially in a hot, tight and sometimes abrasive (think ass) environment. Using a non-latex type glove is much safer and non-latex gloves are readily available at most pharmacies and even at play parties (ask the Dungeon Monitor or party host). While some fisters recommend double-gloving with latex gloves and just checking your gloves during a scene, remember that oil-based lubes will break down latex fast and let STDs in before you actually see a tear or problem with the glove.

For some, “butter-flavored” Crisco can irritate or burn inside the rectum. Rancid smells can occur with improper cleanup of Crisco or other “natural” type lubes in any hole. Crisco, “sweet-flavored” lubes, and animal-product lubes are not good for front hole/cunt fucking or fisting as they can cause infections of various sorts. It’s best to stick to water-based or silicon-based lubes for front hole play.

Finally, be careful with any lube that “heats” as you use it. It may feel great on the skin, but on the inside of the asshole, it may bring on an undesirable effect and a fast end to a great fuck.

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