In Focus: Hoods, Blindfolds & Gags

Cutting off sight, speech and even sound with a hood, gag or blindfold can add certain intensity to your scene, but here are some things to consider:

Some bottoms are claustrophobic, and encasing their head in leather or rubber can bring on a panicked surprise. If you don’t know, start with a blindfold. Try a spandex hood. And always know how to get someone’s head out of a hood in a reasonably quick time frame. Sheer panic is seldom hot and sexy.

Hoods that are fully enclosed can also raise the carbon dioxide levels in your bottom’s bloodstream, affecting decision making, judgment and even consciousness.

When using a gag, be aware of the dangers of choking and even vomiting. And with gags and heavy hoods, negotiate a “safe signal” to use since speech will be cut off and the bottom won’t be able to tell you they have lost all feeling in their hands and are feeling faint

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