In Focus: Condoms, Barriers & Gloves

Condoms, gloves, and other barriers can be used to keep fluids from going places you don’t want them. Barriers don’t have to slow you down or dampen the mood. Sex them up! Be creative. Make it hot. Be perverted.

Whether it’s a glove, a condom, or other barrier, there are some common things to know.

What’s it made of? Condoms come in latex and polyurethane. Gloves come in latex, nitrile, and a wide variety of other materials. Dental dams are usually latex. Plastic wrap is, well, a type of plastic. Why do you care? Not all materials work with all kinds of lube. For example, don’t mix latex with petroleum-based lubes; use water or silicone-based lube instead.  (For more info, see our section on lubes) Plus, not all materials feel the same. Play around with the different types and see what you like! You might prefer one type of glove for fisting and another for piercing.

He’s so sensitive! If you or your partner is sensitive to latex, you have many options for non-latex barriers. Be aware that someone with severe latex allergies doesn’t even have to touch latex to have a problem: the powder mixed with latex proteins from latex gloves can become airborne and trigger an allergic reaction. Also, if you start to react to latex, it’s best to minimize your contact with latex. People can develop a latex allergy anytime in life, and, for many, the allergy can become worse over time.

We like it fresh! Pay attention to the expiration date on your condom packets, and don’t store then in your wallet or pocket for a long time. Don’t keep that open box of gloves around forever. Materials break down and can get microscopic holes long before you see a hole or a rip. When in doubt, get some new ones!


Gloves in sizes from XS through XL are readily available at many drugstores or online in boxes of 50 or 100. You can buy them in small quantities at fetish and sex shops, but you’ll pay more and usually end up wishing you had more.

When using gloves, it’s important to get gloves that fit correctly. Even tiny wrinkles in a glove that’s too large can be excruciatingly painful in an ass. Gloves that are too small will cut off circulation and feeling, rip more easily as you push, and come off more easily when pulling out.

When taking gloves off, the goal is to keep from coming into contact with any of the cum, shit, blood, or whatever else is on the gloves. Take one hand and carefully pull the glove over itself, inside out, making sure that the side with body fluids never touches an ungloved part. If both hands are gloved, pull the second off the same way, over the first, wrapping all the fluids inside both gloves. Sound confusing? Try it out by covering some gloves with ketchup or chocolate syrup and practicing!

Dam it up!

Rimming, eating ass, tonguing someone’s front hole: some activities call out for a flat barrier. Dental dams are small squares of latex that you sometimes find in safer sex packets. But, you can also use non-microwaveable plastic wrap from your kitchen, an unused condom sliced lengthwise, or a glove cut in half with the fingers cut off. Plastic wrap has the advantage that you can use as big a piece as you want, you can buy it at any grocery store and it comes in fabulous color selections!


Condoms only work if you use them right! It may sound stupid, but know how to put on a condom! You can always practice at home by yourself. Better yet, tie up your bottom and practice on him. Practice putting a condom on your Daddy. A drop of lube in the tip of the condom increases sensation to the head of the cock (whether you’re fucking or sucking). When you slide it on, make sure to pinch the tip to keep out air but leave room for your cum! If you are using a polyurethane condom, some guys find they like to use more lube than they would with a latex condom. If you cum, pull out soon, making sure you hold the ring at the end of the condom to make sure it doesn’t slip off inside; there are some gifts you just don’t want to leave behind.

A Different Kind of Condom:

The “female condom” isn’t just for women! You can think of this condom as the “innie” condom compared to the traditional “outtie” condom. You put it inside the hole of choice that is going to be fucked.

It’s basically a polyurethane or nitrile sheath with two rings: the ring at the closed end gets scrunched down and slid inside you (some lube can help) as far as you can. The outer ring stays outside of you and holds the condom in place. Some recommend taking the inner ring out for ass fucking, and simply pushing the condom inside with fingers and lube, or putting it on the dick for insertion.

You might want to practice or play around with this until you get the feel of it. Never use a cock with a traditional “outtie” condom combined with an “innie” condom – the friction can cause one or both condoms to rip. When you are done, remove the condom by gently grasping the outer ring, twisting, and pulling it out. Even though these are a bit more expensive, and not latex, they’re single use. Never reuse any condom!

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