Thank you Sir! May i have another?!

Thuds, stings, whacks, and slaps. Impact play includes a wide range of implements and sensations. Generally, the smaller the surface area of your tool, the more sting you’ll get. Knowing beforehand if your gear can part skin will prevent surprises. Try it out on your own thigh or forearm to see what it feels like. When layering the sensations (caning an ass after spanking for example) the sensitivity and the sensation can change.

When taking a flogger, singletail whip, closed or open fist, cane or any other object and striking a bottom, it’s good to know something about the body in order to avoid damage. Great impact play areas include the meaty sections of the body– around the shoulder blades, the ass cheeks, the thighs and even the chest. Avoid the head, the spine, the area around the kidneys, the stomach (organs), the tailbone, joints, shins and anywhere that bone and nerves are not protected by muscle. Many leather groups have basic impact classes and demonstrate good spots for hitting.

If you’re slapping the face, there are techniques that can maximize effect and minimize any damage. Some folks react violently (good and bad) to facial blows. Most SM instructors don’t recommend face punching or slapping for novices.

Most impact play is low risk for transmitting HIV and other STDs, unless you are breaking the skin. Any time skin opens, the chance of STDs getting in or out increases. Having your own gear is a great way to lower your risk. If you’re a Top, and regularly play with a bottom who enjoys impact play that breaks the skin, it’s not a bad thing to ask that bottom to get gear specific to your play together. And know how to properly clean and disinfect your equipment and gear.

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