HIV & STD Transmission

Keeping it sexier & safer

Simply put, if you don’t have barrier free sex (see also bareback sex) and don’t exchange blood or other bodily fluids you are in great shape for reducing your risk for HIV and several STDs. If you have multiple partners you should get a routine HIV and STD screening every three to six months to take care of things you may have caught and could be passing to others.

HIV is passed through blood, semen (cum) and vaginal fluids from an HIV+ person to the bloodstream of another. HIV and other blood borne diseases (such as Hepatitis C) can all enter the body through small cuts or broken skin, open sores, rips or abrasions of the ass or cunt, irritated gums (such as from brushing or flossing) and the mucous membrane of the piss hole. However, HIV is very fragile and does not survive outside the body more than a minute or so and cannot pass through unbroken skin. Spit, sweat, shit and piss in contact with unbroken skin on the outside of the body are all very low risk.

Hep C can survive outside the body for longer time that HIV and it’s a much smaller molecule than HIV and can get into cuts and abrasions even easier. While there are vaccines for both Hep A and B, Hep C has no vaccine.

Recently, some treatments have been shown to cure Hep C in some people. It’s certainly possible to transmit STDs on toys you use for fucking and sometimes other gear, but a smaller risk. Having individuals own their own gear is the safest. Properly cleaning and sterilizing gear between players reduces risk. Remember: it’s all about blood and bodily fluids. Condoms, gloves, saran wrap, dental dams and other barriers are great at preventing most STDs, and don’t chill a hot scene.

If you’ve got questions about HIV and STD transmission or want to find a testing site:

San Francisco AIDS Foundation (Includes MAGNET and Mobile Testing schedules)

City Clinic

San Francisco Sex Information
(SFSI) is a non-judgmental, anonymous and free switchboard and email resource both for the Bay Area and beyond.
415.989.SFSI (7374)

UCSF Alliance Health Project (AHP)
1930 Market Street
415.502.TEST (8378)

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