Heat & Temperature Play

Hot stuff and chillin’ out with fire, wax, cigars, and cold

The drip of hot wax, the flare of blue flame, or the sting of an ice cube on hot skin can spice up an encounter, test the senses, instill fear, and heat things up in general. This can all be great fun, but it’s true what you learned as a kid– hot stuff burns. Blisters can result in infection. Know your tools.

In wax play, it’s important to realize that different candles melt at different temperatures and some people react to candles with scents and dyes in them. Most beeswax candles burn quite hot and those white generic candles are not always pure paraffin. Also, if you use jar candles or allow the wax to pool up, it keeps getting hotter! Experiment with different candles, and dripping from different heights to see what works for you.

Fire play is best learned from an experienced player. In fire play, you are not actually setting your partner’s skin on fire. Typically the Top rubs 70% alcohol across the area of choice, sets the vapors on fire, and then puts it out quickly. Fire play can be exciting to feel and see, but remember, it’s open flame.

Having a Daddy touch that bright cigar tip or tip ash onto a waiting nipple is exciting, but also can cause the burn that can lead to infection. Be aware.

Any extremes of heat and cold carry certain risks like hyper or hypothermia and stressing the body, so general safety sense should be used.

Fire activities pose another hazard–catching your sheets, ropes, rugs, hair, or other items on fire. Keep extra water or a wet towel around for safety’s sake. A fire extinguisher close by is always a good idea. And remember that childhood lesson: if your clothing catches fire–stop, drop, and roll.

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