Get your buzz on with TENS units, violet wands, and shockers.

Most types of electrical play don’t carry high risks of STD transmission, unless there is broken skin. While not brain surgery, it’s a good idea to get instruction from experienced players. And, of course, know your toys.

TENS units, short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, push very small electrical pulses through electrodes or conductive devices into the body in order to stimulate nerves and muscles. It’s safest to play below the waist and caution is required when playing anywhere near the heart. Our bodies run on electrical pulses, and surges of electricity through the chest can cause heart injury or even death. Attaching TENS to body jewelry can create some very localized conductive pathways–some pleasant, some not.

Violet wands, an electrical device that creates sensations with low current and high frequency electricity, can be used all over the body, except for near the eyes and eardrums where they can cause serious tissue damage. Be careful using a violet wand over latex or any other barrier, as the sparks create holes in the material.

Other types of shockers, such as cattle prods, dog trainers, stun guns, transformers, and medical devices can all be used safely, but you will need to find an experienced Top to find out how not to cause serious injury.

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