Ass Play

Rimming, fucking & fisting. Pointers on backdoor pleasures.

Does Daddy like taking it up the ass? Does your dirty slave need a good enema? What does that boy with the red hanky want? When it comes to the ass, the possibilities are amazing.

If you are into eating ass, we have good news: rimming is a low risk for HIV as long as there is no blood or cum. It’s still a risk for bacterial infections or parasites, but a barrier such as plastic wrap will lower your risk and still allow great sensations. Try adding some lube between the barrier and the asshole for an even better time.

When sticking something up an ass – cock, finger, dildo, fist, or vegetable – keep in mind that it is possible to tear the lining inside. Never use anything sharp, rough or breakable! (This includes nails: a well-groomed hand is so sexy!) Even small scrapes provide a route directly into your bloodstream.

Be patient and take your time. Feel the different muscles and your partner’s response. There’s nothing wrong with making them wait and wanting it more. Use lube, lots of lube! Put lube on your tool of choice, and use your finger to slide some lube up inside before anything goes in, too! Keep in mind that once you get past the muscle ring inside your ass, there are no pain receptors: you cannot rely on pain to signal that you are being hurt.

Barebacking (fucking someone with your cock without using a condom) is the highest-risk activity for transmission of HIV and STDs. Cocks cum, fingers can have paper cuts, shit can be abrasive, and the same friction that feels good can result in small tears in the ass. Using a condom or glove lets you have fun for longer and lowers the chance of exchanging body fluids.

If you’re using a dick, dildo or toy on more than one ass, change condoms between partners. And for toys you are sticking inside, a wide base will prevent the object from being lost inside the ass.

For some players, fisting is the ultimate in intimacy. A little know-how and preparation go a long way. Before fisting, trim and smooth those fingernails and cuticles. A ragged fingernail will cut through a glove quite easily.

The “no gloves” fisting advocates say bare fingers will allow the Top to more easily find the anal canal. Remember: any stretching of the ass will cause tearing, introduce blood into the area, and cause microscopic breaks in the lining allowing blood in and out. Any nonsmooth surface on the fingers can tear or abrade the lining of the ass. Because of this, fisting without gloves is a higher risk for transmission of blood-borne viruses than fisting with gloves.

When fisting, it’s important to get gloves that fit correctly. Even tiny wrinkles in a glove that’s too large can be excruciatingly painful inside an ass. Gloves that are too small will cut off circulation and feeling in your hand, rip more easily as you push, and come off more easily when pulling out.

If you are going to be fisted, you want your ass to be as empty as possible (shit can be abrasive). If you use an enema for cleaning, know that it can wash away mucous that creates natural protection. Some soaps and harsh chemicals can also irritate the lining of the ass. It’s safer to clean out your ass a few hours before playing, so your ass has a chance to relax and replenish itself.

There are three common “actions” to successful fisting: relaxation, lubrication and communication.

Relaxation: The more comfortable you feel with your partner the better. Allow plenty of time for a fisting scene, and know that it might not happen the first time, or perhaps even after a few tries. Remember to breathe, take your time and have patience.

Lubrication: Different players have different favorite fisting lubes, from simple Crisco to store bought lubes. It’s important not to share lube containers since any kind of ass insertion will create some amount of blood, many times unable to be seen by the eye. Crisco is good because it sticks to the fist, is thick enough to be able to be easily pushed into the rectum, is inexpensive and even comes in single-use tubs. Because Crisco and Crisco substitutes do break down latex like other oil-based lubricants, you should only use it with non-latex gloves. While some fisters recommend using double latex gloves with Crisco and just checking for holes during the scene, you should realize that microscopic holes occur in the gloves long before you’ll see any problems.

Communication: The bottom, while not feeling pain past the sphincter, will feel pressure, and should let the Top know. The Top can ask the bottom before moving – “A little deeper?” “I’m going to stop here for a minute.” “Let me know when you want another finger.” It’s important for the bottom to be honest and to speak up: tell the truth, not just what you think the Top wants to hear.

When pulling a fist out, a vacuum may have been created, and it will require steady, strong pulling. Hold the cuff with the other hand so the glove won’t slip off inside.

Finally, after you’ve been fisted, never let anything else that might have someone else’s bodily fluids – blood, shit, cum – into your ass.

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