Your partner hints at a little rope bondage to “spice things up.” In a bar, a man dressed head-to-toe in leather asks if you enjoy nipple clamps. You keep hearing about erotic, sexy, sweaty sex that involves kink and you wonder…”what if?” If any of this rings true, then this is a good website for you.

Think of this as a “starter kit” for perverts (said lovingly) that translates lingo, speaks frankly about erotic play and gives tips on how you can play safer even when you feel like being a little piggy.

Experienced leathermen have written this specifically for men identifying as gay, bi, queer or trans, novice or experienced, old or new guard. It updates old info, gives new resources, and is just plain hot at times.

Most of the topics presented here have entire books written about them. This is simply an intro. It won’t teach you everything about SM, but can help reduce your risk of injury and transmission of HIV and other STDs. No book can replace hands-on training or in-person mentoring, so if you discover a new personal fetish in these pages and want to learn more, check out our resources.

So, enjoy. Play safe. Play hot, But most of all, PLAY!


This guide was created by volunteers from San Francisco’s BDSM community with the STOP AIDS Project.

THANKS TO: Community members and volunteers who have donated to the STOP AIDS Project who make work like this possible.

LEAG (Leather Events Action Group): Cian Dawson, Kelly Rivera Hart, Marc Johnson, Tony Koester, Phil Nicerson, Perry Porch, David Sepulveda, Pup Spunky and Jorge Vieto for providing community input, review, and support.

Images: Courtesy of San Francisco photographer “FredAlert”,

Studio lighting: Marc Johnson

Editors and writers: Cian Dawson, Marc Johnson and Jorge Vieto.

Art direction, photography and design: Stuart Goldstein

Community reviewers: Peter Fiske, Race Bannon, Frank Strona, and Charles Moser MD and Jorge Vieto.

Models: Buck Angel, Travis Creston, Josh “Atom” Edwards, Master Erik, Tyler Fong, Bob Mathis-Friedman, Fuego, Kelly Rivera Hart, Greg Hill, Tony Koester, Howard Kwong, Ghee Phua, Larry Shockey and Steven.

Project Coordinators: Cian Dawson, Marc Johnson, Tony Koester, and Jason Riggs

Special thanks to: SF Citadel & Mr. S Leather for donating photo shoot locations. Folsom Street Events for their generous support of STOP AIDS Project’s work in the leather BDSM community.

THIS SITE IS A GIFT to The San Francisco Leather Alliance.

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